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So you want to find out more about Life Right… it is an innovative and forward-thinking wellbeing company dedicated to helping people be the best they can be.
We specialise in cases where other specialists have been unable to find a reason or solution as to why an individual is experiencing certain conditions or is unable to get past a point to achieve a better health status.  On our residential Retreats (in the UK and Mallorca) we are given the opportunity to spend time with people helping them through the most complicated issues.
Being humans, there is often more than one issue, making each person and the combination they have completely unique.  To tackle this effectively you need a team at the top of their game and it just so happens that’s exactly what we have at Life Right 


Creator + Lead Therapist
Creator of Life Right Retreats and the lead therapist on the Retreat, Lilly is has a vast range of skills and knowledge which you will have access to when joining us
Neuro-muscular specialist
Specialist in cranial care, neuro-muscular support, chiropractic, acupuncture, breathing and wellbeing analysis
Holistic massage therapist
Specialising in a range of therapeutic and holistic massage treatments. Richie is also the Event Director, leading the logistics team behind the scenes.
House Manager
Keeping the wheels turning behind the scenes, ‘Muzz’ is our go-to man – he also assists Richie in facilitating the Retreat


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