We are a dedicated team of health professionals who strive to provide you with a completely life-changing experience when you come on our Retreat.
Our programme for wellbeing constantly evolves from the experiences we share with past ‘Retreaters’ and our professional clinical work.

The concept was the brainchild of Lilly Wickham, our lead practitioner who wanted to offer a place where anyone could attend who was struggling with emotional and/or physical ill-health, whether that be from disease, injury, toxins, relationships, family or work.. a place that she and her colleagues could offer a robust, holistic wellbeing experience to help, educate and offer a different perspective in how you can find better health, a calmer mind, peace or simply a place to be or find yourself again.

Lilly and her team are all qualified to post graduate and doctoral levels of education and actively participate in clinical and professional research, not just as a pathway to CPD, but out of choice to keep abreast of latest thinking and advances in the field of behavioural and functional health medicine. They are all committed to using their various skills and knowledge to help return any form of illness back to health and wellbeing, in some cases this is a complete return to health, in others it means more mobility, energy and clarity and in others a calmness and focus on what is important for the latter stages of our life-cycle.

Whilst the private 1-2-1 sessions are an essential element of your holistic journey with us, the Retreat and its programme specifically embraces everything you need to experience; to build up your knowledge of wellbeing principles and how to stay well.

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lilly wickham, life right retreats, wellbeing retreat

Lilly Wickham – The founder of Life Right Clinical and Retreat Wellbeing principles also runs a busy private practice in North Hampshire. She sees families, couples, children and adults who are suffering from long-term psychological and physical health issues. Her approach is an integrative holistic one that looks at every system in your body to try to find why, what, when and where the imbalance has occurred, so she can work with you to correct this and achieve a better sense of health and vitality.
She will also use her skills and techniques from her studies and qualifications in Psychotherapy, Family (systems) Therapy, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLPt, Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Nutrition, Biochemistry and Neuro-attachment Therapy.


Ian Wright, life right retreats, wellbeing retreat

Ian Wright (DC) is a qualified Wellbeing Chiropractor, Neuro-muscular Practitioner, Acupuncturist and sports injury rehabilitation specialist.
He also works in the North Hampshire clinic and enjoys a varied and complex list of patients who seek his expertise in muscular, skeletal, long term pain, injury and wellbeing issues.
He is working with Lilly at the moment on clinical research for the gut brain relationship and how this affects flexibility and tone of muscle and back pain.


richie wickham, life right retreats, wellbeing retreat

Richie Wickham is the Director of Logistics, previously spending many years in the entertainment industry as a radio presenter and DJ. For the last 5 years he has specialised in clinical massage and reflexology which he provides at the North Hampshire Clinic and on the Retreat.
He still keeps his skills sharpened in organizing the entertainment and activities on the Retreat too, so expect some fun evenings! He is your first point of contact and manages your everyday programme of events, travel and with his ‘wing man’ Stephen ‘Muzz’ Muzzelle, truly hopes for an amazing experience for you all during your time with us.



stephen muzzle, life right retreats, wellbeing retreat

Stephen ‘Muzz’ Muzzelle is experienced in hospitality and venue management. He has spent the last 20 years in hospitality and sports venues and is your ‘go to man’ on the Retreat as the ‘House Manager’.
He loves the whole concept of holistic joined up care and looks after your meditation and cocoon sessions, GAVC treatments and mindful walks whilst on the Retreat.

Outside of our Retreats, he can be found organizing Health and Wellbeing community initiatives, workshops, seminars and expo days for the commercial sector.


lilly wickham, life right retreats, wellbeing retreat

Emma Weller is our whole-foods cook. She is highly experienced in preparing gluten and sugar-free meals and vegetarian dishes.
She loves the concept of fresh, whole foods and relishes in your reaction to the tastes and smells of pure home cooked fresh nutritional ‘medicine on a plate’!
When she is not with us on the Retreats she can be found in the galley of some very impressive private charter yachts out of Cowes on the Isle of Wight.


lilly wickham, life right retreats, wellbeing retreat

Erling McCracken joined our team in 2017 and is our yoga instructor. He will be with you each morning to set you up for your day, stretch your way into mobility and settle yourself into mindful living and being. He has an excellent teaching technique to help everyone, whether you are a complete beginner or regularly attend yoga classes.


What We Do

We use a combination of behavioural and functional medicine philosophies to achieve optimum wellbeing, irrespective as to your starting point.
Using a proven formula, Lilly and her team guide you through a progressive journey of self-care, development and transformation, taking you from where you are right now to where you want to be, by giving you the healthcare expertise, tools, knowledge and belief to look after yourself in a better and more respectful way. This is achieved through a combination of environmental awareness, training, 1-2-1 therapies and treatment, activities, exercise, relaxation, brain training, wholesome nutrition, laboratory testing, nurturing and fun.

Why We Do

People achieve great things in our Hampshire based wellbeing clinic on a sessional basis and we wanted the chance to help people further afield or on an intensive basis. What better way than to spend 24/7 with you and to truly experience and appreciate the essence of you. That way we can get to the root of behavioural, habitual or emotional issues. Add to this one to one sessions, workshops, therapeutic classes and a sense of belonging and voila, a recipe for better health and sustainability. Put simply, we do what we do as we have a genuine interest and curiosity in what makes you tick and how you can achieve more in whatever way your heart desires. One of our Retreats is the opportunity for this and can be achieved in a shorter time without outside distraction or influence.

When We Do

We run 14 wellbeing Retreats throughout the year, although with a maximum of 8 places typically available these fill up very quickly, sometimes even before they are put on general release as we have a waiting list for general wellbeing, specialist weight loss or metabollic Retreats. You can add your name to this list and find out about new Retreats before anyone else here

Check out our booking page for what Retreats have spaces right now


We run our Retreats because of the huge difference they make to people, not just in one element but as many say, their whole lives. We strive to offer unrivaled support and an unequaled level of expertise from our practitioners. Our testimonial videos give you a great insight into what others who have been on a Life Right Retreat really think and feel about their experience.
Our team are continually learning to further develop their skills. Add to this being in touch with all the latest research from across the globe and we believe we offer the very best package on our Retreats.
And our clients think so too, consistently rating us 5/5.

Life Right Wellbeing Retreats are the leading psychotherapy-based Retreats in the UK, so if you really want to change something about you and consequently your life, you need to book your place today.

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change your life, life changing retreats, wellbeing retreats, isle of wight, Lilly wickham, spain, mallorca, psychotherapy, emdr, life right, yoga retreat, weight loss retreat
change your life, life changing retreats, wellbeing retreats, isle of wight, Lilly wickham, spain, mallorca, psychotherapy, emdr, life right, yoga retreat, weight loss retreat
change your life, life changing retreats, wellbeing retreats, isle of wight, Lilly wickham, spain, mallorca, psychotherapy, emdr, life right, yoga retreat, weight loss retreat

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