We hand pick our venues to ensure that there is a mixture of private and personal space both indoor and out. We prefer venues that have other rooms or enclaves for you to disappear into for solitude to think, read or meditate.
Outdoor space will always include a safe space to walk within the grounds if you want to venture out alone or trails and walks for us all to explore as a group as we connect and enjoy being more mindful.

Generally the kitchen/dining area is a place that we all converge on at breakfast, to chat, enjoy nutritious food, share experiences and go through the itinerary for that day. When the weather permits, we also use the outdoor spaces to be at one with the sun, moon and stars where we can experience dining al fresco, classes, workshops and nature.

We offer something for everyone with our venues… in our UK Retreat venue as well as the venue in Mallorca we offer the option to share with a friend (or a fellow retreater of the same sex), so why not bring a friend with you to share the experience! Or have the room all to yourself for complete solace when you want it. You can also take advantage of our All-Inclusive packages which include everything you might want and need.
Naturally, our Mallorca venue has the added benefit of more sunshine than the UK, a very private hilltop location (so no-one overlooking you sunbathing) and an inviting swimming pool to cool off in.

Bring a friend to share the experience and you could both save around £500 each on the regular price of a Retreat!



    Visit our venue pages for

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  • life right, spanish retreat, mediterranean retreat, yoga retreat, wellbeing retreat, health retreat, sugar free retreat, lilly wickham, life right retreat
  • life right, spanish retreat, mediterranean retreat, yoga retreat, wellbeing retreat, health retreat, sugar free retreat, lilly wickham, life right retreat
  • life right, spanish retreat, mediterranean retreat, yoga retreat, wellbeing retreat, health retreat, sugar free retreat, lilly wickham, life right retreat

all rooms en-suite
5 days/4 nights
from just GBP 750 when sharing
or GBP 995 sole occupancy
All-Inclusive Packages
start from just GBP 1395


all rooms en-suite
6 days/5 nights
from just GBP 875 when sharing
or GBP 1395 sole occupancy
All-Inclusive Packages
start from just GBP 1485

All-Inclusive options include flights / travel / transfers and treatment packages
+ yoga, interactive dynamic wellbeing workshops, meditation classes, activities, excursions, boat trip (Mallorca), dance pops & personal time


ANXIETY | DEPRESSION | lack of focus and MOTIVATION | BEREAVEMENT | RELATIONSHIP issues | chronic pain | BURN OUT | CRAVINGS | ADDICTIONs | bowel and digestion issues | insomnia I back and neck pain | SLEEP ISSUES


Each Wellbeing Retreat includes a number of essential, informative and interactive workshops that break down the components that we, at Life Right, believe form part of Wellbeing as a state of health.
You can look forward to learning more about inflammation, nutrition, breathing for health, your brain, mind, beliefs and some really interesting workshops on you and what makes you who you are.
The workshops are broken down into emotional, physical and psychological aspects of wellbeing with some being interactive, some educational and some experiential.
Any issues or concerns that arise from any of the workshops can be worked through in your one to ones with the relevant practitioner so there is no cause for concern on what may arise and not be dealt with, nor concern on whether you have to disclose in from of the group. This is all taken at your pace and you can participate in as much of as little of the group discussion as you feel comfortable with. Some of the workshops are on a group basis, whereas the rest have you working directly with Lilly within the group but focusing on your own personal issues and preparing for your own one to one sessions.

We include fun activities in our programme, because firstly they are fun (!!) plus it gives your metabolism a kick start which is always good for your overall wellbeing and especially weight loss too...
Then there's the impact having fun has on our wellbeing... Whilst we won't disclose all the things we do on here (as we want it to be a surprise for you), your mind and body both function a whole lot better when you are happy and positive... It also gives Lilly a great opportunity to both watch and help you function in a group environment.
In short, our activities are beneficial and above all, fun!
Each Wellbeing Retreat offers a wealth of treatments to personalise your experience.


(the Retreat creator) offers what many consider the 'jewel in the crown' as her 1-2-1's are the key to changing your life. Her philosophy is that in order for change to be sustained, all systems in your body, led by how your brain fires need to work in synergy and balance. Whether that be ridding yourself from emotional or physical blockages, these need to go in order to fully achieve homeostatic Wellbeing.

You can book either 45 or 60 minute 1-2-1 pyschotherapy consultations with her, as well as nutritional profiling and life coaching.
In her quest to offer an alternative to injecting toxins and fillers into your face, Lilly also offers a non-surgical facelift treatment and some body enhancement regimes, that are complimented by natural and organic face creams, scrubs, oils and body butter, keeping you as ‘clean’ and ‘whole’ as possible!


is our neuro-muscular expert, who works in synergy with Lilly looking for neuronal, muscular and developmental imbalances and mis-communication from the nervous system to the brain.
He is invaluable in breaking the anxiety: over-breathing cycle and can elicit synaptic difference by his skills as a diversified chiropractor, experienced acupuncturist or his interest in dynamic neuromuscular systems and how they interact to achieve flexibility, stamina and energy.
He is the guy to go to if you are experiencing any diaphragm, gut, sternum, head, shoulder or back discomfort and his knowledge with extremities (feet and hands!) is very interesting. They are all related and intrinsically linked and if there is a connection that needs to be retrained or re-fired, Ian and Lilly collectively will find it.


is not just our Director of the Retreats, but he loves to use his skills learned from his sports background to help, heal and massage muscles and tendons that haven’t worked correctly for a long time. His training has been undated over the last few years to encompass clinical reflexology and aroma hypnotherapy. He is very skilled at this and enjoys offering a holistic, calming and supportive option to the other treatments we have on our Wellbeing programme.
Massage is an amazing way of calming body and mind and the aroma-hypnotherapy treatment, uses hypnotherapeutic visualisaton, audio brain-entrainment and the power of pressure points and connection to elicit change.
We offer hypno-aromatherapy treatments for relaxation, confidence, energy and brain balance. He works in 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.


takes care of our GAVC and Cocoon Therapy treatments - he is the man that will set you up and get you ready for your treatment. All GAVC and cocoons are set up in your own room and you are left to yourself for the duration of the programme, which varies from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.
Don’t worry if you fully relax and fall asleep as Stephen will come back at the end of your session and take all of the equipment away when you have been gently woken from your slumbers! You can have the GAVC either sitting in your chair or propped up on your bed, the cocoon uses a special blanket, clip, eye mask and as it is for 60 minutes may be more comfortable laying down, but as it’s your Retreat, you can choose!  

Nora’s review - March 16, 2014

You persuaded even the cynical me - that is the highest accolade I can award! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is a better world for having you in it

Jane’s review - September 23, 2014

The retreat was so much more than I had expected. Company was wonderful - a lovely friendly family atmosphere and wonderful food. It has been a revelation and I will take a great deal away with me to move forward with. Thank you to a fabulous team

Jenny’s review - September 23, 2014

I just wanted to hug everyone - it has been a really good experience.. Thank you so much Lilly for all you have one for me and to the rest of the team for being so supportive. I feel privileged that I know you all

Claire’s review - September 23, 2014

These past 5 days have been an utterly unique experience. I am in awe of Lilly - she has incredible knowledge of the brain and how we train our brain in a positive way. I am going away feeling empowered to achieve anything that I need to. I would recommend everyone attend one of these retreats at least once in their life.
Lilly, Richie and Ian, you will always hold a special place in my mind and my heart x"

Nicky’s review - November 24, 2014

I arrived feeling stressed but was quickly looked after and felt so much better in no time. Can't believe the difference a 3-day retreat made - I feel like a new woman and it's been wonderful to be part of such a special experience and a special family who are so sharing of their time and emotion. I look forward to my next Life Right Retreat

Jemma’s review - November 24, 2014

After an extended 7 days at the retreat, I feel balanced, relaxed and energised and ready to take on the world again, empowered with all of the education, support and new knowledge I now have to go on happy and healthy. The yoga and meditation classes were excellent and most of all I met some amazing people in a supportive environment in which to heal. Thank you everyone who made it so special

Jenny’s review - September 16, 2015

The past 6 days I will never forget! The workshops, food, tai chi, yoga - I have loved it all. The strangers I arrived with are leaving as friends. We have laughed and cried and laughed until we cried. Lilly, Richie and Ian you are amazing individuals but as a team working together you are an awesome combination. I arrived in a heap under a very dark and threatening cloud and now the sun has started to come out in my heart and it's all thanks to you

Katya’s review - September 16, 2015

Dear Lilly, Richie, Kate, Ian and Muzz, thank you so very much for everyone you have done to make me feel so much better. It has been an amazing experience and I have benefitted greatly from it. It is incredible what you do to help people. Thank you so so so so so much. I would love to come back and do it again

Carol’s review - September 23, 2015

Dear Lilly, Richie, Ian and Muzz... together you have made a unique team offering people something totally exceptional special and life-changing. I feel truly blessed to have been 'led' to you... thank you for everything this week and in the future xx

June’s review - September 23, 2015

From the lady who had lost herself and is now found. The Retreat experience was absolutely amazing, not only finding myself but making good friends too. The memories and gifts you have given me I will treasure forever. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Lorraine’s Review - March 16, 2017

"Imagine being welcomed into a family you are not born into - that is a Life Right Retreat.
What a wonderful, relaxing, healing, nurturing 5 days. I cannot thank Lilly, Richie, Ian, Stephen and Emma plus everybody else who has helped make this such a special time. I cannot thank you enough"

Mel’s review - March 23, 2017

Thank you for the opportunity to join you on the retreat. If I could live my life feeling as I do now after the Retreat, life couldn't be any better. Thank you so much x

Irene’s review - March 23, 2017

I am so thankful to be part of this retreat. I really appreciate all of the hard work from all of the Life Right team. You are so amazing and we are privileged to have attended this 5 day retreat. May you continue to be a blessing to everyone who needs help. God bless you all and the growing Life Right Retreat family. We love you. Until next time...

Serena’s review - March 23, 2017

As I say a farewell to all of you, my heart is so full of happiness. Thank you for helping me in all that you have done. I can now look to the future but I can also look over my shoulder with confidence. God bless this retreat, all of the Retreaters and most of all, you, my new family. I love you

Jennifer’s Review - April 9, 2017

"This is probably the best thing I have ever done for myself! Not only have I learned how to take better care of myself inside and out, I've learned I don't have to just accept the health issues I've been labelled with (that I've been carrying around for so long) and that I can do something about it. I couldn't have done it without the amazing group of people here, the team and the rest of the retreaters. The bond that has developed between us as a group to not be afraid to let who we really are show and to be accepted in such a positive way is a feeling I've never felt before. This is something I will never forget. Thank you all so much"

Lise’s Review - May 2, 2017

"Simply the best retreat I have ever been on. I feel like a new person. If you have the money come on this retreat - if you don't then find it. The only thing it will change is your life"

Sue’s Review - May 2, 2017

"This has been the most amazing journey - I'm so glad I took the plunge and did this for myself. I feel better in so many ways both emotionally and physically. The group has been fantastic. What a tremendous bunch of people. As for Lilly, Richie, Muzz and Cookie, what can I say... Just FAB! Everyone should do this!"

Cathy’s Review - May 2, 2017

"I knew what I needed to achieve and this retreat has exceeded my expectations and needs. Everyone has worked really hard to make everything perfect. I believe I've made some very special friends. Most of all I feel healed and I left with some valuable tools to help me move forward"

Paula’s review - June 16, 2017

To Lilly, Richie and Rara, thank you for such a fantastic few days. I feel truly recharged emotionally, physically an nutritionally!

Doris’ review - June 16, 2017

Thank you so much for such a wonderful 6 days. The experience exceeded all my expectations and more! I think you're such a fantastic team and everything you do you do with warmth and kindness. What I've learned from this Retreat will change mine and my family's lives. You're very special people and I feel so lucky to have met you

Helen’s review - June 16, 2017

A wonderful environment for an amazing 6 days. I was in a grey mood when I arrived and very stressed for lots of reasons. I feel like I have been here weeks and weeks! I feel refreshed and re-energised. Thank you to everyone at Life Right for their kindness, compassion and love





Now available to book online


0. Standard Retreat Package (inc. full Retreat programme, accommodation & all meals) *SHARE ROOM* **ONLY 2 PLACES REMAINING** (GBP 895)

1. All-Inclusive Package (from GBP 1485)

2. Standard Retreat Package (inc. full Retreat programme, accommodation & all meals) *OWN ROOM* (GBP 1395)



Now available to book online


0. BYO. Build Your Own Retreat package (SHARE ROOM) (GBP 899)

1. AI-1 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1510)

1. AI-2 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1620)

1. AI-3 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1550)

1. AI-4 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1680)

1. AI-5 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1775)

1a. BYO. Build Your Own Retreat package *OWN ROOM* (GBP 1420)

2. AI-1 (all-inclusive) *OWN ROOM* (GBP 2030)

2. AI-2 (all-inclusive) *OWN ROOM* (GBP 2135)

2. AI-3 (all-inclusive) *OWN ROOM* (GBP 2065)

2. AI-4 (all-inclusive) *OWN ROOM* (GBP 2200)

2. AI-5 (all-inclusive) *OWN ROOM* (GBP 2295)



Now available to book online

6-DAY, 5-NIGHT / 5-STAR RATED WELLBEING RETREAT - MALLORCA, prices from just GBP 1145 per person inc. transfers. APR 22 - 27 inc.

0 BYO - Build Your Own retreat. ROOM SHARE (GBP 899)

1. AI-1 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1510)

1. AI-2 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1620)

1. AI-3 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1550)

1. AI-4 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1680)

1. AI-5 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1775)

1a BYO - Build Your Own retreat. * OWN ROOM * (GBP 1420)

2. AI-1 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 2030)

2. AI-2 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 2135)

2. AI-3 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 2065)

2. AI-4 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 2200)

2. AI-5 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 2295)



Now available to book online


0. BYO Build Your Own Retreat ROOM SHARE (GBP 750)

1. AI-1 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1285)

1. AI-2 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1395)

1. AI-3 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1325)

1. AI-4 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1455)

1. AI-5 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1550)

1a. BYO Build Your Own Retreat * OWN ROOM * (GBP 1295)

2. AI-1 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 1830)

2. AI-2 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 1935)

2. AI-3 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 1865)

2. AI-4 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 1995)

2. AI-5 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 2095)



Now available to book online


0. BYO Build Your Own Retreat ROOM SHARE (GBP 800)

1. AI-1 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1335)

1. AI-2 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1445)

1. AI-3 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1375)

1. AI-4 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1505)

1. AI-5 (all-inclusive) ROOM SHARE (GBP 1600)

1a. BYO Build Your Own Retreat * OWN ROOM * (GBP 1345)

2. AI-1 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 1880)

2. AI-2 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 1985)

2. AI-3 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 1915)

2. AI-4 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 2045)

2. AI-5 (all-inclusive) * OWN ROOM * (GBP 2145)



Share with a friend rates are based on two people sharing the same room

Retreat cost for you (and your friend if applicable)

Would you like to upgrade your experience to a Premier package? Yes

You can make your Life Right Wellbeing Retreat even more special by upgrading to our Premier Package

Each upgrade package provides you with

  • Premier Room
  • King/super-king bed
  • Larger bathroom
  • a range of complimentary chemical-free toiletries, made with natural oils, shea butter
  • Early access to the practitioner booking module to get the pick of what you want and when
  • complimentary holistic treatment
  • 10% off post-retreat treatment sessions (Skype or in person) for 30 days
  • 30 days post-retreat email support from Lilly & Ian
For UK Retreats, the Premier Package upgrade room is up to twice the size of the standard rooms with larger bathroom (bath + shower). The upgrade rate is just £40GBP P/N for single or £50 P/N for dual occupancy
For Continental Retreats, upgrade to one of the larger Premier en-suite rooms for a taste of Mediterranean style luxury. The upgrade rate is £50 P/N
so, if you are going to change your life and you need the space or want to add a bit more natural style to your experience go for the upgrade on your Life Right Wellbeing Retreat package now!


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