Weight & Fat Loss Retreats

All of our Retreats are aimed at bringing you closer to the best level of wellbeing you can achieve on a physical, emotional and psychological basis. Our dedicated weight and fat loss retreats also use the most recent research into why we hold visceral (belly) fat on our stomach and why this is now seen as a precursor for diabetes, heart disease and bad fat distribution.

Even if it’s not a dedicated weight loss retreat, people still come along with weight loss as one of their goals and always succeed, not just for the short term, but as a continuation after they get back home too…
Even if you are slim and hold your fat in this area (which is normally the most difficult place to lose it from), your risk of developing one of the 21st century metabolic diseases will be increased.
The workshops, activities and nutrition on this Retreat, will explain, embrace and include all of the necessary information you will need to correct this and therefore set you on the path to better health and less illness for the future.
So if you can tick more than 3 boxes below then start thinking about changing your habits, behaviours and life and book on to this Retreat because you can still change what is going on inside your body.
(1) Excess fat around your middle.
(2) Cellulite and fat on your hips.
(3) High blood pressure
(4) High cholesterol
(5) Taking medication for blood pressure or cholesterol (and want to change this)
(6) Low mood and motivation
(7) Brain fog, poor memory and recollection.
(8) Ongoing (prolonged menopause symptoms
(9) Anxiety, nervousness and tremors
(10) Diabetes or pre-diabetes
(11) Digestion and bowel concerns
(12) Unresolved pains, aches and general immobility
So that is the dirty dozen of our society, plaguing our health system and rendering us a pill-popping nation, that is getting sicker and sicker earlier and earlier. We have the ability to change all of this so why not?
All it takes is a little care, attention, knowledge and support.

So lets do it see the testimonials of other people just like you that have benefitted from the health programmes we run on our Retreats.

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