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Project Description

Mallorca, Spain

Our Mallorcan mansion was built close to 1700 and started its life as a retreat and place of worship, so it seems only fitting that over 300 years later it should be used in a similar way.
The hilltop location offers complete privacy with no-one overlooking the extensive property and grounds and the multi-level terraces provide plenty of places to relax and soak up some vitamin D from the sunny climate.

We had seen the photos before booking but seeing it for myself, the house was stunning and the pool area got plenty of use with the lovely sunny weather and plenty of time to relax. Perfect


We have seven Retreats in Mallorca each year and as you can imagine, these get VERY booked up VERY quickly, especially when there are only 8 places available.
Each Retreat includes all flights and transfers so click on the image and see why more and more people are booking a Life Right Retreat