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A Life Right Wellbeing Retreat focuses on getting your body AND BRAIN working effectively and harmoniously – it’s the only way you will achieve your desired results

A Life Right Retreat provides a unique environment where impressive results are the norm. This winning formula is due to Retreat creator Lilly Wickham and her team and their integration of science-based research and a huge portfolio of skills. In addition to this, a Life Right Retreat works on your body and brain to achieve the results you seek and give you the tools and support to continue your journey after.

We offer Retreats in the UK and on the island of Mallorca. Each one is a tranquil sanctuary offering you the place to recharge, regroup and work with our highly talented practitioners to help achieve your goals

Set within a caring environment there is no interference from the outside world and this, together with the interventions from the highly experienced and skilled Retreat creator Lilly Wickham consistently deliver life-changing experiences for those who attend.  Whether you are looking for time out, clarification, better health or peace within, a Life Right Retreat will deliver what you need, working with your brain, mind and body to heal, restore, redirect and fire up again.

You can enjoy yoga, meditation, mindfulness, massage, healthful food and drink all as standard, but the jewel in the crown is how we work with you, your dreams, hopes and wishes for a better, healthier, happier, more robust you for the future.

From the top of your head down to the tips of your toes…anything is possible

A Life Right Retreat is absolutely where you want to be if you want more from your life and yourself. Don’t suffer in silence, don’t be confused or disillusioned about your future Come and work on you with us, making you the best you can be and leave with strategies, ideas & proof that you can dare to dream again of a life without pain, despair, upset and anger. Proof that you can move better, breathe deeper, dream longer, hope higher and achieve much more

Our holistic approach combines wellbeing principles, behavioural, lifestyle and functional therapies, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, chiropractic, neuromuscular techniques, cranio-sacral work, acupuncture, massage, detox therapies, health testing, relaxation techniques, visualisation and nutritious whole food – all of which, we know,  improve your physical and emotional health.

So if you want more than you have in terms of health and wellbeing then

a Life Right Wellbeing Retreat is the No 1 choice for you.

Your Retreat experience will be amongst a small group of people who all have the same goal – to change their current state (physical and/or emotional) and feel better in themselves. The programme is specific in it’s entirety and so if you are choosing a Life Right Retreat, then you are also choosing to participate fully within the programme, not because we are bossy, but because we care and when you do follow the programme it REALLY works and achieves amazing results for YOU.

It’s also important that you respect each other’s journeys and know that you all deserve this chance for change and new beginnings. You will make friends, some for life, some for the experience – the most important aspect is that you make a friend of yourself.

Make the most of the ‘life changing’ experience, look after, nurture and care for you, so that when you get home and you look around and see those people looking back at you, you are best placed to be exactly the person you need to be – an inspiration


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